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5-7 April 2019

Bundara Farm, Berry NSW


The Game of Business Mastery and Life Mastery is the Game of Mastering Influence.

Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat

When the enigmatic Pauline Nguyen of Red Lantern fame met the invigorating personal performance coach and integrative Chiropractor, Dr Maria Zuschmann, it didn’t take long for them to realize that they were both on the same mission. In no time, they dove deep into inspired conversations around transformation, mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. They both agreed that the time has come for a major paradigm shift to the way Entrepreneurs define success and how this makes them feel, function, grow, evolve and contribute in all areas of their business and their lives.

Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur (ASE) Retreat is the ultimate alchemy of the impassioned topics both Maria and Pauline, study, teach and share.  It is their ongoing obsession to transform the Entrepreneurial space so as to give Entrepreneurs the Competitive Edge through the development of Science, Spirituality and Human Potential.

ASE is not a wellness retreat. It is a retreat for Transformation. At ASE, we will explore the terrain where NeuroScience, Health Science, Behavioural Science and Spirituality meet. ASE Retreat is not for everyone. Self Care, Self Expression and Self Sustainability also involves embracing new perspectives, facing fears, exploring new paradigms and taking risks.

Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur is only for those who are ready to step up and ask themselves “What is the next level for me? I no longer want to live my life by default. How do I design my own destiny? What do I need to do to feel the way I want to feel? How do I sing the true song of the life my heart desires? And how can I do this with effortless flow – with dignity, grace and poise?”

The theme for our next Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat is Mastering Influence. Because the Game of Business Mastery and Life Mastery is the Game of Mastering Influence.  Through the exploration of Ancient Wisdoms with Modern Science and Spirituality, we will share tremendously powerful, and yet subtle techniques to increase our awareness, and therefore our skillset, to better influence all aspects of our relationships in our businesses and our day to day lives… and especially, the relationship with ourselves.

If you want to become a Master Influencer through The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur, join us as we reveal a most sophisticated understanding of interpersonal human relationships and the role that intentional mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset plays.

The weekend is strictly limited, both in numbers and in attitude.  We only ever take 15 people at a time.  This ensures intimacy, connection, efficacy and transformation. Whether you want to change yourself or change the world, we want to ensure that our retreat is filled with only change makers – those who want to Level Up to their infinite potential.


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  • 3 days and 2 nights accommodation (shared) on the magical Bundara Farm
  • All nourishing meals and delicious wine included - prepared by award winning Chef Mark Jensen of Red Lantern
  • Friday – Welcome drinks and canapes.  Dinner and Entertainment
  • Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Sunday – Breakfast, Brunch
  • The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Teachings and workshop sessions from Dr Maria and Pauline – Saturday and Sunday
  • Daily Qigong led by Pauline
  • Daily Meditations led by Pauline
  • Surprise Adventure Excursion on Saturday afternoon.


Dates: 5-7 April 2019
Location: Bundara Farm, Berry NSW
Cost: $2995




“Deep gratitude from me to you and everyone involved in creating such a special and powerful retreat this weekend – Thank you. I have just come home deeply inspired by what I have learnt.   What did I love about S.E. I had a feeling it would be a bad-ass concoction knowing Pauline (!) but right from the start (aka clicking on the web link), I thought it quite odd yet amusing to read the distinct caution in the wind that ‘this was no wellness retreat’. Now coming home and understanding what that meant, what I really appreciated was the ‘realness’ that exuded from Pauline and Dr M, they demonstrated how each of us can be more real in our worlds; and how we can step into our power. Their humour and personalities weaved through the sharing of their teachings and wisdom, I loved how they spoke and delivered from personal experiences from their own journey, and what I valued was that their message was not delivered in a way that made us question whether what we were currently doing was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or that you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to change. None of those words in fact were used in their vocabulary at any point. Instead, I amongst 14 other entrepreneurs today went home deeply enriched by the understanding of our own individual power and knowing that we have the power to transform and add to our lives.

There was a beautiful balance of Qigong/Energy work, meditation and health sessions which focused on what I feel is missing in a lot of our lives. I return home with readily-available tools (bio hacks, also quick yet powerful meditation techniques) and a greater value and love for self, which I think will genuinely stay with me even when taken outside of a ‘retreat environment’. I feel that these combined, make a perfect gift to anyone seeking to fully commit themselves to all aspects of life.. because let’s face it, a lot of us do want it all; to be great in business, responsible/accountable, gracious and abundant in love/family life (whatever that might look like), and then to be able to look inwards; those of us yearning to expand, grow and connect with life all around us, thank you for reminding us the importance of tuning in with spirit and self.  Thank you and blessings.”  (R. Cruz) 

I am feeling just a right combination of exhilaration and exhaustion but flavoured with a deep and powerful change within, right down to my cells. I know I don't have to explain that to you two who are alchemists extraordinaire! What an incredible weekend! I have absorbed and slept on and mulled around for a while all the learnings from the retreat. Think. Feel. Act. Love that. Living that as much as I can.” (K. Rabvis)  

I haven’t stopped telling everyone about the retreat since I got home.  I feel great and loved every part of the weekend. I am implementing the meditations daily and also the qigong. The weekend exceeded my expectations. I hope there is a spot for me next year!”  (S. Fisher)

“I have been telling all my friends about the weekend.  I described it like ‘I was stoned’ all weekend without the drugs!  I expected the weekend to be great but it was a million times better than I expected!”  (I. Dutina)

“I'm still on such a high from my weekend with this amazing group of like minded people. Powerful entrepreneurs who are aligned with their truth and their purpose.  Not only did I get to experience all of the sessions with the incredible speakers, I faced fears, made new friends, laughed, cried, danced and experienced one of the most powerful meditations of my life with Shaman Marcela Toro.  I want to experience all this again next year! This retreat is a game changer.”  (C. Douglas)

“There are no words for how this weekend was.  So grateful to have been a part of it with you.”                  (L. Garbellini)

“Honestly I feel so good! I have been off coffee, sugar and all bad food, I have been having cold showers and meditating/setting my intentions. The week before the retreat, I had one of the biggest weeks at work and next week will be even bigger. Though I am handling much better after S.E with all the tools you have shown me. Some of the stuff I have heard before but at S.E, I really HEARD it and it clicked in. I seem to take things in a lot better when it’s coming from a loving space. I really truly loved the dancing with Marcella I just felt so at peace. As soon as I left, I cried like a baby! So much built up emotion.”  (D.Timms)

“It has been almost a month since the retreat and I've never felt more calm and at peace and guided. The daily meditations have done wonders for me and I'm a lot more centred and assured. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and for showing us the way.  And the money and abundance just keeps coming!!! I am so so happy and grateful for knowing you. Lots of love and Gratitude.”  (B. Jordan)

“I would like to thank you for the many opportunities arising from this event.  From the organisation, communication and running of each day - it was clear that we were in the hands of a professionals in the logistics but also, our journey. The structure of the weekend was well-planned and executed. There was a good flow in the "story" of the weekend. It made sense. It was also, very well paced - busy enough without feeling rushed. And just enough, to leave us wanting more... time with each other one-to-one  and to hear more from our presenters. Then there were the intangibles. The intention for each component felt considered and delivered with care.  Thank you to our presenters for their most vulnerable and meaningful stories of their life journey. This was both necessary and valuable for everyone attending. It set both the tone and the values that are the drivers to our ongoing development. Every element, decision, choice and unexpected moment worked together to make it work for us.  I wish I could reciprocate to feelings of gratitude for all who listened to me, hugged me and offered their words of wisdom and encouragement. It makes a difference - whether it is confirming what we know in our minds, to helping us view our situation from another perspective. For me, I was greatly challenged to attend, however, loving Pauline made me want to support her and trusting Pauline made me risk her seeing me in state that I am in - for now... To end, I would like to express the feeling of privilege to have enjoyed Mark's amazing food, throughout the weekend. His expertise and effort to thoughtfully plan and source our menu and his effort to work so hard to prepare our meals was beyond expectations! Thank you, Mark."  (K. Valsimis)

“By far one of the most incredible experiences of my life!! Still trying to process everything I learned from the amazing weekend!”  (T. Brazier)

“Such an awesome experience with beautiful people, already booked for next year.”  (A. Sargent)

“What a weekend! unbelievably blessed to be with such incredible souls Maria and Pauline, who create magic like the weekend that just was.  With with spots already being taken for 2019, proof that they are definitely onto something with their unique blend of neuroscience and spirituality. Always stronger, more empowered and more enlightened than when I enter - it's going to take a while to come down from this one!!!!”  (K. Dover)